About CMC

About us

A conversation with a group of interested individuals was started in 2010. The questions posed to this group helped determine the level of interest in providing professional conflict resolution services within a Christian worldview. Since that time, the conversation has developed into concrete steps towards providing a link between alternate dispute resolution (ADR) professionals and those who need these services within a Christian worldview across Canada. A non-profit foundation contributed to the cause and allowed us to create a web presence and begin linking interested and qualified individuals.

CMC Vision

The purpose of Christian Mediation Canada (CMC) is to promote professional conflict resolution services from a Christian viewpoint as a viable alternative to the adversarial approach of the courts.

CMC promotes professional conflict resolution services from a Christian perspective in Canada.  

The motivation for establishing a Christian mediation network in Canada stems from the perceived lack of known Christian mediation services and ready access to professional Christian mediators. There is a critical need in the broad Christian community for biblically influenced mediation and conflict engagement services in the areas of family, business, leadership, staff and congregational conflicts. There is also a need to train, promote and network Christian mediators within the ADR field in Canada.

CMC Values

  • We are committed to using a biblically compatible worldview of conflict and peace that honors God and helps people.
  • We agree with the essentials of the historical Christian faith, while representing a wide range of faith traditions and expressions.
  • We believe that any willing person can benefit from God’s active and loving involvement in the conflicts they experience.
  • We hold in high regard the safety and confidentiality for all parties associated with a conflict situation that requires mediation.
  • We promote a collaborative and professional approach throughout the conflict engagement process.
  • We operate with a high degree of responsibility, honesty and accountability as conflict specialists and service providers.
  • We strive for ethical and moral integrity in our relationships, business practices and financial matters.

CMC Director

Darrin Hotte
BA, MDiv, Cert. ConRes., FMC Cert. CFM, FEA

Darrin is a mediator, coach and speaker/trainer. His goal is to help individuals and groups make their conflict positive.

Contact Darrin

1-778-288-6181 (Darrin’s direct line)